When it comes to CBD use, it’s essential to consider how you will take your CBD. There are several forms of CBD, each with its pros and cons. To find the product that will be the most useful and enjoyable to use, you must look at these pros and cons. Keep reading so that by the end of this blog, you’ll know which form of CBD is best for you.


When you think about CBD in capsules, think about any other type of supplement. Just like any other capsule supplement, you swallow CBD in capsule form whole.

  • Pros – These provide an exact and consistent dose, unlike oils, tinctures, or vapes. Doctors often prefer this form of CBD for this reason.
  • Cons – Once you swallow your CBD capsule, it must travel through the digestive system before it makes its way into your bloodstream. Throughout its journey through your digestive system, the capsule loses potency, meaning you may have to take a higher dose than expected to experience the full effects of CBD. They may also be difficult to swallow.


Oils and tinctures are just like they sound. They are CBD as a liquid, which you place under your tongue (sublingual consumption).

  • Pros – Consuming an oil or tincture sublingually allows the CBD to enter your bloodstream faster than in capsule form. They are also very easy to find for purchase.
  • Cons – It can be challenging to gauge how much CBD you consume when using a dropper or pipet. Bonnie Goldstein, M.D., a physician and author of Cannabis in Medicine, also found that taking CBD as an oil or tincture can cause digestive side effects, like a gastric upset.

Vape Pens

I’m sure you’ve seen someone vape by now. It can be discreet, easy to use, and enjoyable. However, there may be some adverse side effects.

  • Pros – These deliver CBD to your bloodstream much faster than capsules, oils/tinctures, or edibles, so you immediately feel the positive effects.
  • Cons – There is still a lot we don’t know about the long-term effects of vaping. It’s recommended that you do not vape if you have a preexisting lung condition.


These are perhaps the most fun to consume. All you have to do is eat and reap the benefits.

  • Pros – These are discreet, easy to dose, and delicious.
  • Cons – Like CBD in capsule form, edibles must travel through your digestive system before they kick in. That can sometimes take up to two hours. Edibles may also contain ingredients that may not be that healthy for you. Always check to make sure what you’re consuming is worth it!


Topicals are creams, lotions, and salves infused with CBD. You simply apply them to the areas on your body that you wish to treat.

  • Pros – They are easy to use and can provide immediate relief for those with stiff or sore muscles, swelling, or joint pain.
  • Cons – Topicals can’t penetrate through your skin to your bloodstream. Thus, you will now feel any difference in your mood or disposition as you would with an oral CBD product.


There are many ways for you to get your daily dose of CBD. What works for you may not work for someone else. Always consider that those different consumption methods may be better for various ailments.

At WellRabbit, we recommend you take your time and experiment responsibly with different consumption methods and doses to determine which ones best suit your needs.

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Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks, MD

Jeffrey Hendricks, M.D., CEO Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks has an extensive research background in nutritional biochemistry and epigenetics and has developed over 1,000 nutritional products for companies in the U.S. and around the world. After spending four years at the University of Michigan’s Human Genetics Lab, he conducted research at the National Institutes of Health’s Laboratory for Gene Transfer. He’s served as a medical director in family medicine, integrative medicine, and occupational medicine, and is an advisory board member for many U.S. and international companies. The inspiration to start WellRabbit came about when helping his sister beat breast cancer, in which she took integrative medicine throughout her cancer treatment and never became ill. With WellRabbit, Dr. Hendricks has made it his mission to ensure those who are searching for quality nutritional supplements have a place they can trust. Dr. Hendricks’ clinical experience includes the treatment of over 50,000 patients, and his background, experience, and commitment to quality ideally suit his role as the Chief Executive Officer of WellRabbit.

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